Global Labo was founded in October 2014 to support and unite the Japanese community. Global Labo helps Japanese entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, business people, students, etc. by providing them with a base location in New York City that can be used for information and cultural exchange, education and mutual support or simply as a place from which to work. We support and help new and established individuals and businesses with a wide range of services suitable for their needs, as described below.

We have twenty years of experience in supporting entrepreneurs establish businesses in the United States. We provide business incubator services for entrepreneurs that are new to the United States environment.

In addition to company establishment services, we provide consultation in matters of real estate, accounting and immigration procedures. We provide world class expert advice in crowdfunding.


The strength of Global Labo is the extensive network with which we facilitate connections, making us a hub for information exchange and dissemination. This network includes a large number of publishers and media entities in the New York area and in Japan.

We provide a convenient rental location in midtown Manhattan. We organize lectures and seminars to disseminate information in various fields, such as Web publishing tutorials, Internet marketing, book publishing, 3D printing, financial aid, resume writing, etc. We provide free space for artists to exhibit their work.

We have held “NY Igyoshu Koryukai (Business networking party)” monthly since our establishment. A large number of people participate in this event. It has become essential for the Japanese business community. We also hold monthly events for creators, entertainers, MBA students and graduates, restaurant owners. We help Japanese with various backgrounds and goals to succeed in the US.

We are constantly expanding our network of (Japanese) businesses operating in New York City area to provide better business/ industry/job search-related information to both NY-based Japanese and newcomers looking to advance their careers/enterprises.